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Viral Launch Review: A Better Jungle Scout Alternative?

Viral Launch review

Making your entry on this marketplace is not easy. From finding a sparkling product to sell that hooks everyone to making your product visible to consumers, there are myriads of overwhelming things to consider.

In this maze of confusion, Jungle Scout has been a choice for most of sellers who wants to conduct product research.

However, How about Viral Launch? It could be a better Jungle Scout alternative? We tested its features and can tell you it has great potential if you want to dominate your niche. Read our Viral Launch review to find out what it is.

Part 1: What is Viral Launch?
Part 2: Viral Launch Product Discovery
Part 3: How to Use Viral Launch Chrome Extension Step by Step
Part 4: Viral Launch pricing
Part 5: Viral Launch Coupon Code
Part 6: Viral Launch Pros and Cons
Part 7: Conclusion

1. What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch encompasses a selection of software and services dedicated to new and established Amazon sellers who want to launch a new product. Their most popular software is Product Discovery, a tool that does exactly that – it helps you find a profitable product in your niche.

Beyond this tool, Viral Launch can serve many other purposes with the following tools:

  • Market Intelligence: The second most popular tool after Product Discovery, Market Intelligence helps you analyze the data you retrieved, such as seller’s margin, monthly revenue, potential monthly sales, and product price.
  • Keyword Research: Once you found your product, it is also essential to find the right keywords that can help you rank on the first page. This tool does exactly that.
  • Competitor Intelligence: A tool that analyzes your competitors and shows you their behavior, so you can optimize your seller strategy.
  • Listing Analyzer: Your Amazon listing is your business card, the first thing your potential customers will see. Its content also contributes to indexing and ultimately determines your rank in the search results. Use this tool to analyze and see how performing it is.
  • Keyword Manager: This tool helps you keep track of the keywords you used and potential new keywords.
  • Listing Builder: As its name suggests, helps you built a competitive listing capable of converting and ranking you higher in the search results.
  • Split Testing: Allows you to test which listing drives a better response from two or multiple options. It is ideal for optimizing your bullet points and wording within the copy.

Besides these tools, Viral Launch also offers a series of services including help with your product launches, product photography, listing optimization, and PPC campaign management.

2. Viral Launch Product Discovery

We already mentioned that Product Discovery is the most popular tool offered by the brand, and there is a good reason for it. The truth is that there is nothing worse than investing time, energy, and money in a product that doesn’t sell.

This tool is developed precisely to help you prevent such tragedy. It lets you search by product, category, brand, or keyword and offers multiple filters that help you narrow down your research to just one winning item.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using it.

Input your search criteria

Log in or sign up if you haven’t already and select the Product Discovery tab from the left-hand menu. You can choose from the following search options:

  • Product
  • Keyword
  • Brand
  • Category

If you’re a new seller, the easier way to start your search is by selecting the category tab and choosing one of the options in the Select a Preset drop-down menu, as shown in the picture below:

Input your search criteria

Upon making your selection, the software will give you the possibility to input your search criteria.

When you’re done, click on the orange button on the top right-hand corner; its name will change based on the tab you’re on.

Filter your results and pick a product

By using this method, Viral Launch will show you a list of random but profitable products in all categories.

viral launch reviews

Just use the various filters to browse the results based on their bestseller rating, monthly sales, monthly revenue, price, reviews, and numbers of sellers; when you found a profitable product, move on to the other tools to find out if it’s really profitable or not.

3. How to Use Viral Launch Chrome Extension Step by Step

Besides the in-browser software, Viral Launch also boasts a valuable chrome extension that lets you search for profitable products directly on Amazon. You can use it once you have completed Product Discovery to validate your idea.

The extension is really easy to use. Once you have installed it, login using your Viral Launch username and password, then follow the steps below.

3.1 Search your product on Amazon

Open Amazon in your browser and type in the name of the product you’d like to sell, but don’t click on any specific product. Click instead on the extension icon in your Chrome browser. The extension will open a pop-up window that will retrieve all essential data regarding all products tagged with those particular keywords.

3.2 Check top sellers

Check top sellers

The extension will show you a list of your competitors sorted from top to last. You will be able to check the exact product they’re selling and their category, estimated revenue, and the price they are asking for the product.

3.3 Check market trends

Check market trends

If you want to pick a product that’s profitable, you should pick one that’s on demand in all seasons. The market trends tab shows you meaningful data on shopper behavior, including any peaks and drops in sales you can expect if you decide to go for that product.

3.4 Viral Launch analysis

Viral launch analysis

Here, Viral Launch tells you whether or not the product has potential, how many reviews you need to have to sell well, and possible monthly sales. Use all this data to decide if the item you found is really worth it.

3.5 Cost calculator

If you’re still certain of your choice, it’s time to check the cost calculator function offered by the Chrome extension.

Cost calculator

This calculator is designed with FBA sellers in mind, and it tells you what profit you can expect based on an average price. For instance, if you’re selling the item for $42.39, you’ll walk home with $21.77 in your pocket after having paid all incurring fees.

4. Viral Launch pricing

While Viral Launch is an outstanding all-around service, it doesn’t come cheap. The investment is well worth it though, and luckily, the brand offers multiple subscription plans. You can also choose to pay monthly or annually and benefit from lower prices if you choose the latter.

For their software, Viral Launch currently charges:

  • Beginner’s Research Kit: $49.17/m-$59/m
  • Pro Seller: $82.50/m-$99.00/m
  • Brand Builder: $124.17/m-$149/m
  • Data Haunter: 332.50/m-399/m

Regarding the services, they come at the following prices:

  • Promotional Launches: $400-one time or 450/m-$2500/m
  • Listing Optimization: $497-$947
  • Product Photography: $597-$1447

5. Viral Launch Coupon Code

While Viral Launch is more expensive than other software, the brand runs frequent promotions that give you monthly or lifetime discounts for their software or creative services.

You can expect to score up to 20% discount for the software and up to a whopping 50% for the creative services.

Viral Launch updates its promotion on the following page: https://viral-launch.com/coupons-promos.html

6. Viral Launch Pros and Cons

Just like anything else, Viral Launch comes with pros and cons. Here are their most important benefits and flaws:


  • Multiple tools designed for all types of sellers and all levels of experience
  • Software and services developed with the FBA sellers in mind
  • Possibility to buy the tools individually
  • Intuitive interface


  • A bit on the expensive side


Viral Launch is a high-value tool that can truly help you find profitable products and optimize your business. Both the software and the creative services are professional, but even if they are more expensive, they are well worth it in the long run. Coming with a 14-day free trial, you can even test most functions before buying and see if this is the right tool for you. As far as we are concerned, we truly recommend it!

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