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Rosewholesale Reviews 2019: Buy Cheap Clothes from China

rosewholesale reviews

At first glance, Rosewholesale is just one of the many online clothing stores, but all it takes is a closer look to notice the brand has thousands of fans around the world. What makes this website special is affordability. E-commerce sells a wide selection of high street fashion items that are incredibly cheap.

New users, however, might wonder whether this site is legit. After all, you wouldn’t want to save your credit card details on some sketchy website, wouldn’t you?

To find out the answer to this question, we evaluated it for service, quality of the garments received, and delivery. Read our Rosewholesale reviews to find out all you need to know about it.

Part 1: What is Rosewholesale.com?
Part 2: Where is Rosewholesale Located?
Part 3: Is Rosewholesale Legit?
Part 4: 9 Sites Like Rosewholesale from China
Part 5: Conclusion

1. What is Rosewholesale.com?

Rosewholesale advertises itself as one of the largest online clothes wholesalers on the market. The brand even goes as far as claiming they specialize in wholesale clothes, but the truth is that this is regular retail e-commerce where you can buy just one shirt if you don’t need more than this.

The greatest strength of this e-commerce is that they sell clothes directly from their manufacturers.

This gives Rosewholesale the possibility to sell a wide selection of clothes at very low prices. You can find loads of items for $1 or less and benefit from a wealth of discounts, offers, and deals you can’t find elsewhere.

As a leading international brand in the fashion industry, Rosewholesale proposes both attire and accessories for men, women, and kids.

Rosewholesale Product Range

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Rosewholesale is the number of categories you can find on the website.

Whether you’re a fit or plus size woman or man, there is a vast range of clothes to choose from and accessories to match with.

Besides the usual clothing accessories, such as scarves, jewelry, shoes, and bags, you can also find a selection of makeup products as well as wigs and other hair accessories.

Furthermore, the website also has a section dedicated to home and hobbies that is packed with interesting gadgets, home care and décor products, pet care products and accessories, toys, sports gear, and more.

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand that you can find pretty much anything on Rosewholesale. Undeniably, a great place to find a host of things at advantageous prices.

Rosewholesale Perks

Like every e-commerce out there, Rosewholesale comes with a few interesting perks that make shopping a lot more fun.

If you’re a new user, for instance, you get 15% off your first order as well as several discount coupons for a total of $89 off your future sales. While the 15% discount is not valid for items on clearance, you can use your coupons at checkout to apply discounts directly on the total, which means you can buy items in the clearance section and apply a second discount during the checkout by using the coupons.

A quick look at the homepage reveals further discounts on selected items and on past season collections, which gives you smart shopping opportunities.

Indeed, it is always more profitable to shop at the end of the season for the future season. For instance, you can shop at the end of summer for the next summer.

While you won’t wear quite the latest trend, your clothes will still be in fashion, and you’ll get to save a lot of money.

Furthermore, newsletter subscribers also receive a 12% discount coupon as well as exclusive deals and offers via email.

Regarding the wholesale in its name, Rosewholesale also offers discounts for bulk purchases. If you want to supply your online or brick-and-mortar store with items from Rosewholesale, know that you get a 5% off for buying 10 pieces or can ask for a custom quote if you want to buy more than 10 pieces.

VIP Program

If you’re a loyal Rosewholesale buyer, you can also unlock additional benefits and exclusive deals through the VIP Program.

You’ll be automatically upgraded to VIP for one month if you spend more than $500 per month. For an average transaction value of $2,000 will give you VIP access for a period of 5 months, after which you can review your status again.

Some of the VIP benefits you can enjoy include drop shipping prices on all items on the website, a dedicated priority service regarding shipping and order tracking, as well as dedicated phone support.

2. Where is Rosewholesale Located?

Rosewholesale is an online store located in China, but that operates all over the world.

The store works like any other e-commerce, giving you the possibility to pay via PayPal or with your credit card. If you choose the latter, a secure encrypting system operated by PayPal keeps your credit card data secure.

Rosewholesale doesn’t save your credit card data, limiting the risk of scams or unauthorized access.

3. Is Rosewholesale Legit?

Rosewholesale is a legit business and one of the biggest online stores. It enjoys huge popularity on TrustPilot, and it is rated 4 stars by its users.

Most of the users are perfectly satisfied with the quality of the products; while mishaps do happen now and then, the orders are typically dispatched correctly and the products received are similar to those presented on the website. Furthermore, when mishaps happen, the company refunds the payment.

Criticism mostly regards the ultra-long waiting times. Some users claimed they have been waiting for months to receive their items, which is at least discouraging.

Indeed, it seems that you’d better order in early fall for next summer if you want to put on those cute sandals or chic dress; otherwise, chances are you’ll have to wear the last year’s outfits.

Rosewholesale Pros

  • Trustworthy online store
  • A wide selection of items in all collections
  • Regular discounts and perks
  • Interesting benefits with the VIP membership
  • Friendly customer support
  • Easy and secure payment via PayPal (with PayPal account or credit card)

Rosewholesale Cons

  • Long delivery times
  • The company may send the wrong items
  • Sometimes unresponsive support

Since you can never be too careful when shopping online, besides reading reviews on TrustPilot or SiteJabber, you can also join the Rosewholesale Scam Facebook page to see what users have to say and ask for advice should you need any.

4. 9 Sites Like Rosewholesale from China

If you’re not completely sure that Rosewholesale is the right store for you or if you’d like to see what other options you have before buying, you might also want to check the following 9 sites like Rosewholesale.


shein Rosewholesale reviews

Very similar to the Rosewholesale, Shein is even more popular and comes with the big advantage that it’s available in multiple languages. By addressing customers in various countries in a more ‘cultural’ way, Shein wins over Rosewholesale, appearing more legit and less of a Chinese scam.

Shein is centered exclusively on fashion for men, women, and kids. It also has accessories and makeup products, but you won’t be able to find home accessories and other stuff.

Like the clothes on Rosewholesale, the attire on Shein respects the Asian measures, so you’ll probably have to check the size of each garment you buy to make sure it fits.


romwe Rosewholesale reviews

Another website that sells dirt cheap clothing items and accessories is Romwe. This international retailer is also based in China and proposes its range of garments to a worldwide clientele.

It is similar to Rosewholesale in terms of shipping and delivery, in as it takes forever for your ordered items to get to your home.

Like most Chinese clothes stores, all items in here are undersized for American and European customers; keep that in mind and size up of at least two sizes if you want to feel good in your garments.

Overall, the quality seems a bit cheap, but that’s to be expected from a site that has perennial discounts. All in all, it’s a great alternative to the Rosewholesale.


zaful Rosewholesale reviews

Zaful is another top-notch Chinese clothing seller based in Hong Kong. It was launched in 2013 and considering it’s not only operating, but it’s thriving, we can say it’s legit.

The website has similar issues like the other retailers above. You can’t expect high street fashion quality, and it may take forever for your orders to arrive. That’s probably because some items are out of stock or just being manufactured when you place the order.

Some orders do get lost during shipping, and customer support is awful, to say the least, so these are two other things to keep in mind. Nevertheless, most users get what they pay for, and the website is overall positively judged.


rosegal Rosewholesale reviews

Started by a group of female friends, Rosegal is a website that really knows a thing or two about fashion. You can expect a wide selection of modern and vintage styles and all sizes – although you’ll have to check each item’s size before ordering to make sure it fits.

Even the plus size clothes tend to be rather small, and the sizing chart on the website is not always reliable.

Since it’s based in China, Rosegal is also slow on shipping, so you should order way in advance if you need your items by a certain date. Other than that, the website’s legit, and you can expect to receive what you paid for.

Just arm yourself with patience if you have to use the customer support, as they are hard to reach and speak very broken English.



Another global clothes retailer based in China is Sammydress. It sells everything from women’s, men’s, and kid’s fashion to accessories, wedding items, and trendy garments at factory prices.

But don’t let yourself be fooled. When adding the shipping costs and tax, you’ll pay more or less as you’d pay in a cheap retail store in your home town.

That said, Sammydresses proposes a wealth of fashionable items that you might not found at reasonable prices elsewhere.

Like the websites above, it ships slow, it has terrible customer support, and some orders can get lost, or you could receive a wrong item. However, the site is not a scam, and you could find some unique garments that lack in the other stores.



Twinkledeals promises to bring affordable edgy fashion to those seeking chic garments at affordable prices. And it does so brilliantly.

Like most fashion stores, their website is heavily marketed towards women, but it includes a men’s and kid’s section too. Whatever you look for, you can expect to find some unique deals and heavy discounts on most collections.

Twinkledeals follows suit when it comes to shipping and delivery speed. You can expect for some time for your items to arrive, which could be discouraging. The payment method is secure, though, and you can file a complaint through PayPal if you feel you’ve been scammed.



Lightinthebox is one of the most popular global retailers on the market. It’s present in over 200 countries and offers everything from cheap fashion to home items, sports gear, DIY items, and more.

You can use the website in English as well as several other languages, but all orders will be dispatched from China.

This means that it can take a lot of time for you to receive your items. Customer support is not the best but not the worst, either. Trustworthy and legit, Lightinthebox is another great alternative to Rosewholesale.



Miniinthebox is Lightinthebox’s sister company, an online store dedicated to gadgets and tech accessories. It comes as a great place where to find cheap smartwatches to pair with the garments you bought from Rosewholesale and other trendy accessories.

It doesn’t sell clothes, but you can simply click on the link sending you to Lightinthebox to find all the fashion you want. Or you could simply buy it from the Rosewholesale.


Rosewholesale is one of the best stores where to buy cheap fashion online. The site is legit and trustworthy, but you’ll have to wait for some time for your order to arrive.

You might also have to deal with unresponsive customer support or struggle to return an item if you received a wrong one.

All in all, though, these are things to expect from a store that sells super-cheap items. After all, they have to manage their costs somehow. The clothes are average quality and come in Asian sizes. Not the best but not the worst online shopping place, we’d say you can give it a try.

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