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Jungle Scout Review

jungle scout review

If you have decided to try your luck as a seller on the Amazon marketplace, you need the best tools to research your niche and products. One of these tools is Jungle Scout, a service that actually delivers two tools under the same name.

One is Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. As its name suggests, it’s an extension that integrates with your browser and that you can use to get real-time stats on products while browsing through Amazon listings.

The other is Jungle Scout Web App, a more complex web application you can use from any browser for both product and niche search. Due to the satisfactory results the Chrome Extension returns though, most sellers use the Web App exclusively for niche research.

Being two separate products, the Chrome Extension and Web App are also sold separately. Find out if you need them both and what are their benefits in our Jungle Scout review.

Part 1: Jungle Scout Chrome Extension
Part 2: Jungle Scout Web App
Part 3: How to Use Jungle Scout
Part 4: Conclusion

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Jungle Scout Review

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is the most commonly used product offered by the brand. It integrates with your Chrome browser and pops up a page containing a wealth of information about products while you’re browsing through Amazon.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pricing

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension comes in either Lite or Pro version. The former is more affordable but gives you access to fewer data. Considering it’s a one-time purchase with lifetime access, we strongly recommend the full version. Regarding the actual price, you’ll pay:

  • $197 for the Chrome Extension Pro
  • $97 for the Chrome extension Lite

Both plans come with lifetime access.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

You can use the JS Chrome Extension in two ways, either directly on the Amazon main listing page or on an individual product page.

The extension returns a wealth of important information about the niche and product category in general, such as:

  • Monthly sales and revenue
  • Category and seller ranking
  • Product opportunity score
  • FBA fee estimator
  • Reviews

Click on an individual product to gain access to even more data, including:

  • Price
  • Sales rank
  • Listing quality score
  • Amazon prime status

Although all figures are estimates, they can still give you a pretty accurate overview of the trends, and it can even give you access to Google Trends to check product seasonality.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Quick access to estimate sales
  • Opportunity score
  • Multiple parameters


  • All values are estimates

Jungle Scout Web App

Jungle Scout Web App Jungle Scout Review

Despite sharing a name, Jungle Scout Web App is a completely different product you must purchase separately. There are various monthly plans you can subscribe to, and the application lets you search the entire JS database for products and niches.

Jungle Scout Web App Pricing

The Web App comes with three pricing plans, all of which are billed annually:

  • Start-Up Plan costs $25/month
  • Standard Plan costs $40/month
  • Business Plan costs $50/month

Jungle Scout Web App Features

The JS Web App’s most important features are:

  • Niche Hunter: Perhaps the most popular tool of this web app. Its name is quite intuitive, and it lets you search and find the right niche by calculating the opportunity score. You can also use it to see the top sellers’ metrics as well as listing quality scores.
  • Product Database: Lets you search through Amazon listings to check multiple variables including sales, ratings, seasonality, as well as demand.
  • Product Tracker: Lets you monitor competitor activity by viewing inventory and pricing information.
  • Keyword Scout: Is an effective tool that lets you search for keywords to optimize your listings and potentially drive sales.

Although not as popular as the Chrome Extension, the Web App is still an essential tool to consider if you haven’t found your niche yet. Since it comes on a monthly plan, you can only pay for it until you gather all data needed, then cancel your plan and continue with the Chrome extension only.

Jungle Scout Web App Pros & Cons


  • Help find profitable products
  • Help find a profitable niche
  • You can use it to spy on the competition


  • Expensive
  • All plans are billed annually

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension vs. Jungle Scout Web App

It is surprising how many people believe the JS Chrome Extension and the JS Web App are one and the same product. The truth is the two are actually two very different products designed to work together.

Since each comes with its own pricing plan and features, Amazon sellers can decide though which is the best for them and whether to use the two together or separately.

As highlighted above, the Chrome Extension is developed to help you search for both products and niches while scouring Amazon. However, the tool is much more product-oriented. You can use the extension on the main search page to get data on sellers, their FBA status, ranking, and more, or on the individual listing page to dig even deeper into a seller’s stats.

At the opposite end is the Web App, which is much more centered on niches. The two tools work beautifully together to help you find the right market for you, as long as you know how to use them.

How to Use Jungle Scout

To use Jungle Scout at its full potentiality, it is essential to buy both the Chrome Extension and the Web App. This could turn into a hefty upfront cost if you opt for the Business version of the App, but the investment is well worth it.

While there are different methods to use Jungle Scout that people swear by, the easier way to find worthy products is through the technique below:

  1. Open Amazon and type in the name of a product you’d like to sell, then click enter.
  2. Click on the Chrome Extension button. Jungle Scout will open in a new tab and do a product data search for all items you see in the search list. You can check the overall product performance, reviews, revenue, and price. If you want, you can click on any parameter to order the list from the most performing to the least performing product according to that parameter.
  3. Focus on products with a revenue of over $20,000 and at least 100 reviews, preferably more.
  4. Close the Chrome Extension and open the Web App.
  5. Use the app to filter your selected products by country, the minimum amount of monthly sales, price, and even weight.
  6. Once you found some products that seem promising, go to Niche Hunter and check competitiveness by checking the opportunity score.

That’s it. By using both Jungle Scout tools, you’ll be able to tell which products sell best and produce higher revenue, as well as the opportunities you have in a certain niche. Just what you need to find the right market.


Jungle Scout, or more precisely the two tools offered by the company, is essential if you want to be successful on Amazon. From thorough product and niche research to the possibility of spying on your competition, it gives you a wealth of possibilities and access to data you can use to find your market.

Perhaps the main drawback is the division of the two products. While developers have thought to give sellers the possibility to choose which product they want to use, the truth is you’ll probably need both.

Another thing that slightly disappoints is the accuracy of the figures, which is not always absolute.

All in all, though, it would take you a lot of trial and error to search your niche without Jungle Scout, and there is hardly any other product out there that can live up to the expectations in the way JS does. We can only recommend it.

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