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10 Best Amazon Feedback Software To Boost Reviews

amazon feedback software

One of the hardest part of growing your business on Amazon is getting reviews. Buyers rarely remember to leave one, so you will have to remind them to do so. Luckily, Amazon feedback software can help.

This kind of software is developed to help you reach out to your customers and ask for a review or feedback. You could technically do the same without the help of software, but it will probably take up a lot of time.

In this article, we will show you what Amazon feedback software options you have and which is the best, but first, let’s see why you should invest in such tools in the first place.

Part 1: Why Do You Need Amazon Feedback Software?
Part 2: A Big List of Amazon Feedback Software
Part 3: Top 10 Amazon Feedback software
Part 4: Conclusion

Why Do You Need Amazon Feedback Software?

Asking for reviews and feedback is a delicate matter. Many people advise against it, claiming that your request may remind an unhappy customer that they haven’t left feedback.

This is true; but if you have a quality product, ship on time, and provide excellent customer service, there are higher chances you’ll remind happy customers that they didn’t rate you.

Consequently, sending review requests will boost your opportunities of gaining positive rather than negative reviews.

While negative feedback can happen, it is crucial to understand that one negative comment among a lot of positive ones won’t harm your business. It is hard to satisfy all customers, but if 90% of them are happy, you can call your business a success.

Another big fear is related to Amazon’s feedback policy. Simply put, Amazon allows and even encourages feedback requests. They only ban attempts to manipulate your buyers’ opinions.

As long as your feedback request emails are simple and to the point, don’t ask for positive reviews specifically, and don’t offer any kind of compensation for the review, you’re not breaching any rules.

With that in mind, you need Amazon feedback software because reaching out to dozens or hundreds of customers can be daunting without one.

Of course, you can send follow-up emails manually at first, but sooner or later, you’ll have to automatize the process unless you want to spend many hours a day sending emails.

If you don’t know which Amazon feedback software to pick, we’ve put together a list of the most popular 25 services on the market. Check it out below.

A Big List of Amazon Feedback Software

No. Products PricingSupported Amazon marketplaces
1JumpsendFrom $29/monthFully supported: US, UK
Email campaigns only: CA, MX, DE, ES, FR, IT
  • Easy customization and scheduling of follow-up emails

  • Possibility to personalize your emails with logos or company details

  • Sophisticated email builder tool makes your emails visually attractive to increase your chances of getting a review

  • Automatic emails when refunds are initiated, to reduce the possibility of getting negative reviews

  • Campaign analytics to track your progress
  • 2xSellcoFrom €39/monthUS, CA, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, JP, MX, IN
  • Automated email campaigns to customers on Amazon, eBay, CDiscount, and other supported marketplaces

  • Quick and easy to integrate with your online store. Allows you to draw feedback on Trustpilot and social media

  • Tailored review request campaigns to target specific SKUs for example

  • Fully automated campaigns; you can decide on the recipients
  • 3Feedback GeniusFree plan up to 100 emails and one Amazon marketplace
    From $20/month
    Fully supported: US, CA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT
    Beta version: IN
  • Intelligent email campaign management based on tracking information from carriers

  • Automatic notifications for received reviews and feedback

  • Seller feedback notifications to help you build a relationship with your customers

  • Actionable message analytics for email optimization

  • A/B testing function to increase your campaign’s performance
  • 4FeedbackfiveFree up to 50 emails a month and one campaign.
    Starts from $9.99/month
    US, UK, CA, MX, DE, IT, ES, FR, IN, AUS
  • Email automation for requesting reviews and seller feedback

  • 10 supported Amazon marketplaces

  • Actionable information on your campaign delivered to your inbox

  • Text and email alerts for negative feedback or reviews

  • Easy to monitor customer satisfaction based on ASIN, SKU, and order date
  • 5bQoolFrom $10/monthUS, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX
  • AI-powered campaign scheduling and management

  • Feedback alert notification for negative responses

  • Feedback performance dashboard for easy tracking of customer reactions

  • Possibility to choose from a selection of default and customizable email templates

  • Automatic VAT invoice generator for EU customers

  • Flexible and easy to set email delivery schedule
  • 6ZonguruFrom $35/monthUS, CA, UK, ES, FR, DE, IT, AUS
  • Easy to send fully personalized emails

  • Each email can contain attachments, logos, and review links

  • Email Blast feature for promoting new products to old customers
  • 7FeedbackwhizFrom $14.99/monthUS, MX, CA, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, AUS, JP, IN
  • Order management including tracking

  • Selective, smart, and targeted feedback requests

  • Managing and monitoring of product review request campaigns

  • 24/7 seller account monitoring and notifications
  • 8ZonmasterFrom $6.99/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE, JP, IN, AUS
  • Advanced scheduling of your campaigns

  • Pre-made starter templates

  • Easy customization of templates and campaigns

  • International support for all marketplaces
  • 9ManagebystatsFrom $59.97/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE, JP, IN, AUS, BR
  • Automatic scheduling and sending of follow-up emails

  • Personalized email templates for each ASIN, brand, or SKU

  • Tracking numbers and feedback links included in emails

  • Possibility to create individual coupon codes
  • 10CashcowproFrom $99.7/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE, JP, IN, AUS, BR
  • Automated feedback collection through unlimited emails on all marketplaces

  • Simple initial setup

  • Amazon-compliant strategies and scheduled email campaigns
  • 11AMZFinderFree up to 500 emails/month
    From $19/month
    US, UK, CA, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP
  • utomated matching of email templates with individual customers

  • Email notifications of positive and negative reviews

  • Automated issuing of invoices

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 12ReplymanagerFrom $25/monthUS, UK, CA, MX, DE, ES, FR, IT, JP, IN
  • Centralized inbox for your email, social media, e-commerce channels, and marketplaces

  • Automated workflow and simplified teamwork

  • Personalized messages for each customer with order details and tracking
  • 13KiblyFrom $19/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE, JP, IN, AUS, BR
  • Smart ad campaigns through personalized emails and targeted social media campaigns

  • Automate follow-up emails and review requests
  • 14SalesbackerFree up to 120 emails
    From $19/month
  • Pre-built and customizable email campaigns

  • Constant monitoring of seller feedback and reviews

  • Email file attachment including PDFs
  • 15AMZShark$299/monthAUS, CA, CN, FR, DE, IN, IT, MX, JP, ES, UK, US
  • Automatic monitoring of your seller feedback

  • Review tracking for up to 1,000 products

  • Email alerts
  • 16FeedbackzFrom $9/monthUK, DE, FR, IT, ES
  • Optimized layout, design, and messaging

  • Fully customizable email campaigns

  • Professionally designed, fully HTML email templates

  • Buyer management and new review alerts
  • 17FeedbackexpressFrom €17/monthUS, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA, MX, AUS, IN
  • Automated follow-up campaigns

  • Negative feedback alerts directly to your phone

  • Personalized templates in multiple languages

  • Easy to insert order, buyer, and seller information
  • 18SagemailerFree up to 200 emails a month
    From $10/month
    US, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, JP, AUS, IN
  • Constant seller performance monitoring

  • Easy to integrate seller-buyer messaging in one place

  • Easy account set up

  • Intuitive dashboard with performance metrics
  • 19AMZmailerFrom $19/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES
  • Easy to set up automated follow-up emails

  • Automatic alerts for all reviews of three stars or less

  • Optimized email templates translated for all marketplaces
  • 20SellerliftFrom $39/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, CN, JP, AUS, BR
  • Automate sending of personalized emails to each buyer

  • Scheduled delivery windows for each email

  • Mobile-friendly, responsive emails

  • Tracking and sorting of your customers based on review status
  • 21MerchbeeFrom $30/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, DE, ES, FR, IT, IN
  • Compelling autoresponder emails and constant feedback monitoring

  • Target organic and promotional sales

  • Attractive email design

  • Automatic blacklisting of buyers who left negative seller feedback
  • 22SellernexusFree up to 100 emails per month
    From $12.99/month
    US, CA, MX
  • Real-time product targeting and campaign optimization

  • Email creation wizard tool

  • Intelligent email sending at the best times for your clients
  • 23FeedbackrobotFrom $49/monthUS, CA, MX, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, CN, JP, AUS, BR
  • Fully automated feedback solicitations

  • Unlimited scheduled campaigns

  • Customizable email templates and buyer blacklists

  • Supports FBA and FBM fulfillment channels
  • 24InsightmailerFrom ₹499/monthIN
  • Professional templates and customizable emails

  • Automated follow-up email campaigns

  • Easy scheduling of the emails a few days after delivery
  • 25FeedbacktunerFree up to 150 emails per month
    From $9.99/month
    US, CA, MX, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES
  • Proven email templates translated into six languages

  • Customizable campaigns with advanced metrics

  • Custom campaigns for private label sellers
  • Top 10 Amazon Feedback software

    If you find it hard to pick an Amazon feedback software provider from the list above, know that we’ve done the hard work for you. Below, the top service providers you can use.

    1. Jumpsend


    Created by JungleScout’s developers, JumpSend is developed specifically for those who want to automate their email campaigns. The service allows sending customized and targeted feedback and review requests.


    • Automated email scheduler and targeted campaigns for specific shoppers
    • Dynamical insertion of client information in emails
    • Enhanced email builder
    • Real-time alerts and automatic buyer-seller emails for negative reviews


    • Easy way to boost reviews and sale ranking
    • Possibility to create discount codes


    • Doesn’t work with all marketplaces

    2. xSellco


    xSellco Feedback helps you boost feedback and increase seller rating by requesting feedback on the right products, from the right customers Tailor feedback requests to target orders by SKU, product type, on-time delivery, destination, and much more. 14 day free trial offered so you can test it for yourself.


    • Fully automated emails and follow-up campaigns that adhere to marketplace criteria.
    • Manage feedback for all your sales channels with one Feedback account.
    • Connect with the xSellco helpdesk, eDesk, to ensure that you don’t send feedback requests to customers who have raised a support ticket.
    • Refine your feedback strategy by testing message content. Run simple tests that improve your results.


    • Quick and easy set up with effective 24/7 customer support available.
    • Customizable emails and feedback requests. Modify your email messages, create templates, choose the language and formatting.
    • Reporting that allows you to measure performance, response rate, analyse trends in your positive feedback scores, and respond quickly to any negative feedback in your dashboard.


    • A bit on the expensive side

    3. Feedback Genius

    Feedback Genius

    Developed by SellerLabs, Feedback Genius is another Amazon feedback software that delivers as promised, from automated emails to alerts and notifications.


    • Instant notifications each time your sellers leave feedback
    • Automated emails and follow-up campaigns
    • Easy to integrate tracking information in the emails


    • User-friendly interface
    • Easy to customize emails templates


    • Poor customer support

    4. Feedbackfive


    Feedback Five is one of the most popular software because it sends persuasive emails that really work. It also comes with an unlimited free trial, and prices start from an affordable point.


    • Customizable email templates
    • Constant review management and monitoring
    • Ideal for FBA sellers
    • Automated and manual campaigns


    • Eye-catchy templates that really work
    • Urges customers to remove negative feedback


    • No A/B testing

    5. bQool


    Another automated email manager praised by its users, Bqool can help you boost feedback and reviews with the help of artificial intelligence. It integrates automated responses, scheduling, and more.


    • Automated feedback request
    • Constant feedback and reviews monitoring
    • Easy to schedule campaigns


    • AI integration
    • Feedback alert notifications


    • The software lacks a product rank checker

    6. Zonguru


    One of the best Amazon feedback software, it impresses with multiple customization possibilities, such as adding images to your campaign. Their Email Automator service ensures easy reach to your buyer.


    • Pre-designed and customizable email templates
    • Automatic product tracking and shipping alerts
    • Email Blast allows marketing new products to previous buyers


    • Free Chrome extension
    • Ideal to use for keyword spying and tracking


    • No feedback monitoring

    7. Feedbackwhiz

    Feedbackwhiz amazon feedback software

    Addressing sellers in 10 Amazon marketplaces, this feedback and review request tool is intuitive and praised by sellers for its ease of use. You can use it to track your orders, include tracking details in follow-up emails, and create customized campaigns.


    • Intuitive email tracking and success rate analytics
    • Positive feedback and repeat buyer email integration
    • Real-time refund integration to avoid negative feedback
    • Possibility to send both manual or automated emails


    • Great email templates and visuals
    • Easy to set up email sequences


    • Only supports US and EU marketplaces

    8. Zonmaster

    Zonmaster amazon feedback software

    Boasting powerful email templates and integrating with most Amazon marketplaces, Zonmaster could be ideal for those who don’t need to register more than one merchant accounts per region.


    • Powerful email templates designed to convert
    • Package tracking even for FBA sellers
    • Multiple pre-made starter templates


    • Flexible customization of templates
    • International support
    • Unlimited Landing Pages for free


    • You can only register one merchant account per region

    9. Managebystats

    Managebystats amazon feedback software

    ManagebyStats does exactly as advertised. This software incorporates a host of seller tools, including a profit dashboard and statistics regarding feedback and reviews.


    • An advertising manager throws clarity on your campaigns
    • Advanced email autoresponder tool
    • Advanced keyword tracking and competition spying


    • Amazon integration
    • Easy to set up follow-up campaigns


    • The messaging system is a bit laborious

    10. Cashcowpro

    Cashcowpro amazon feedback software

    Another Amazon feedback software to consider is the CashCowPro. Like many other tools in this article, this one brings all expected benefits, from automatic messaging to keyword tracking.


    • Easy to check your sales data and profits
    • Keyword tracking tool
    • Unlimited feedback and review emails for all marketplaces


    • Page views and conversion rates
    • A/B split testing


    • Quite expensive


    Getting product reviews and seller feedback is essential if you want to grow your Amazon business. The easiest way to do it is by contacting your customers and asking them to provide it.

    Amazon feedback software can make the whole process easier. There are many tools you can choose from, and we hope you now know which are some of your best options.

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