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Top 30 Amazon Seller University & FBA Resources To Learn

amazon fba university

Amazon Seller University is a great resource that can teach you all you need to know about your FBA business when you’re making your entry on the Amazon marketplace.

However, there are many other resources to help you learn more.

In this article, we’re going to tell you which are the best blogs, YouTube channels, and Udemy courses to check out to learn how to sell on Amazon like a pro.

Part 1: What Is Amazon Seller University?
Part 2: Top 10 Amazon Seller University Blogs
Part 3: Top 10 Amazon Seller University YouTube Channels
Part 4: Top 10 Udemy Courses Like Amazon Seller University

What Is Amazon Seller University?

As an Amazon seller aspirant or novice, you should already know what Amazon Seller University is. If you don’t, know that it’s a vast collection of tutorials and training videos developed to help you learn how to make your business profitable.

A few things you can learn here is how to choose a selling plan, how to fulfill orders, the rules of FBA, and a lot of other interesting topics that will make your seller life a bit easier.

However, not everyone likes video classes; furthermore, there are also some new sellers that feel they can’t find all the necessary information from Amazon Seller University.

If you’re looking for alternatives, have a look at this list of 30 interesting resources you can use.

Top 10 Amazon Seller University Blogs

Most Amazon Seller University blogs have no connection with Amazon. They come from the biggest developers of tools for Amazon sellers and are often more detailed than the Seller University courses.

1. Jungle Scout

jungle scout Amazon Seller University

Jungle Scout develops one of the most popular product sourcing tools, and also has a blog full of interesting resources. From guides for beginner FBA sellers to more advanced guides and e-books for all levels of expertise, you can find a bunch of interesting information here.


  • A quick search of articles and e-books by topic
  • Webinar library and case studies
  • Access to free tools, including profit calculator, FBA calculator, and listing grader

2. Feedvisor

feedvisor Amazon Seller University

The Amazon University from Feedvisor is geared towards all Amazon sellers and contains a host of comprehensive resources for both starters and seasoned sellers.


  • Valuable information about selling on Amazon
  • A comprehensive explanation of all current regulations
  • Overview of the payment and billing policies

3. Sellertour


An interesting blog to check out, Sellertour doesn’t belong to a tool developer; it’s easy to define it as a comprehensive compendium of resources for novice and seasoned sellers.


  • Comprehensive reviews and lists of the best seller tools
  • General blogs regarding Amazon’s good practices
  • Amazon tutorials

4. TheSellingFamily

TheSellingFamily Amazon Seller University

The Selling Family comprises a selection of free and paid for resources for all types of sellers. Besides many e-books, you can also enroll in the boot camp or subscribe to a free Amazon FBA email course.


  • Access to valuable free blog posts
  • Selection of paid e-books on relevant topics
  • Amazon boot camp and free email course

5. StartupBros


While not geared exclusively to Amazon sellers, the StartupBros is a website cured by Will Mitchel, a successful entrepreneur who started from zero and now enjoys an incredible success. Here, you can find a lot of paid and free resources, including courses and webinars.


  • Extensive collections of how-to guides and resources for Amazon sellers
  • Many free blogs and tutorials
  • Possibility to enroll in paid courses or mentorships

6. FulltimeFBA

Full-Time FBA Amazon Seller University

From blogs, free resources, videos, podcasts, and an exclusive members area, the Full-Time FBA is another interesting blog to check out.


  • Many courses for different experience levels at competitive prices
  • A host of free resources including blogs and videos
  • Podcast articles and courses you can listen to whenever you have a little time.

7. MyWifeQuiteHerJob

My Wife Quit Her Job

Another blog inspired by a successful story, My Wife Quit Her Job belongs to Steve Chou, the owner of a successful online store selling wedding linens. This is another place where you can find a lot of interesting resources, entrepreneurship advice, and stories inspired by real life.


  • Blogs, podcasts, and a selection of tools
  • Income Reports section lets you track the owner’s profits to decide which business is right for you
  • Regular free courses

8. CPCstrategy


CPCStrategy is a hybrid website containing both seller tools and free or paid resources. Some of the best guides to advertising and strategies are also easy to get, by simply subscribing.


  • Services and tools geared towards Amazon sellers and e-commerce owners
  • Free guides and e-books ready to download from the site
  • Easy to maximize Amazon performance through their services

9. FitSmallBusiness

Fit Small Business

Not quite like the Amazon Seller University, Fit Small Business is a great blog to check out. Among its categories, you can find interesting webinars, financial and HR advice, e-commerce tips, and more.


  • Marketing, finance, and HR blogs
  • Software and service reviews
  • Access to a forum

10. OnlineSellingExperiment

Online Selling Experiment

The Online Selling Experiment is more than a blog. It is a course aimed at people who want to be profitable from day one. Besides paid resources and courses though, the website also has a blog section.


  • A wealth of interesting free resources
  • Amazon seller coaching
  • Books and courses for FBA sellers

Top 10 Amazon Seller University YouTube Channels

Not everyone like blogs or podcasts. If you’re more of a video person, know that there are quite a few YouTube channels you can follow.

11. Amazon Seller University

The official YouTube channel of the Amazon Seller University comprises all videos that are not uploaded on Amazon’s platform. Coming directly from the giant, it’s an interesting channel to follow.

12. Jungle Scout

Besides the Jungle Scout blog, the YouTube channel gives you access to a wealth of equally interesting resources created by sellers for sellers.

13. Project Life Mastery

Created by Stefan James, this channel encompasses a wealth of motivational videos as well as actionable tips and advice you can use to grow your business on Amazon.

14. Kevin David

Kevin David is a surprisingly young entrepreneur who reached success on Amazon and is now sharing his tips and insights with anyone interested in acing the business as quickly as possible.

15. Seth Kniep

Seth Kniep is another successful Amazon seller you should follow if you want to discover unique advice, tips, and strategies.

16. Amazon Seller Education

Another channel belonging to Amazon, the Seller Education will tell you all you need to know before starting to sell on the marketplace, including how and when you’ll get paid, how to manage your inventory, and more.

17. Freedom Formula

Behind Freedom Formula are two awesome guys and successful entrepreneurs ready to reveal a wealth of winning strategies. Undoubtedly, an interesting channel to follow.

18. ODi Productions

Featuring Kevin David, this YouTube channel contains a step-by-step course that will show you how to start, how to find products, and how to reach a 5-figure income as quickly as possible.

19. Watch Me Amazon

If 5-figure is too low for you, this channel will show you how to reach an 8-figure income doing business exclusively on Amazon, as an FBA seller.

20. Trevin Peterson

Trevin Peterson speaks of most tools you’ll use on your way to success, giving a lot of insightful tips. If you want to learn how to make the most out of them, you should subscribe to this YouTube channel.

Top 10 Udemy Courses Like Amazon Seller University

If you’re really serious about your business, a few courses will certainly benefit you. A place to find them is Udemy, one of the biggest players in the online learning industry.

21. Amazon FBA University

A quick guide to getting started as an Amazon FBA seller. It will teach you which are the best categories for beginners, how to create a product packaging, and how to make Amazon split tests, among others.

Speaker: Greg Mercer, FBA expert


  • Ideal for those who haven’t yet decided between FBA and FBM
  • Quick lessons of less than 10 minutes each
  • Unlimited course access from mobile or smart TV

Price: Free

22. The Amazon FBA Private Label Masterclass

A course created by two Amazon FBA experts, this master class is dedicated to those who want to sell private label products through FBA. You will learn how to start selling, create converting listings, calculate profits, and more.

Speaker: Robin & Jesper, FBA experts


  • 12 hours of on-demand course
  • 35 downloadable resources
  • Course completion certificate

Price: $10.99

23. How to Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget

You don’t really have money to invest but still, want to start as an Amazon FBA seller? Then this course is for you. Learn how to source profitable products and how to start without investing your weight in gold.

Speaker: Theo McArthur, Entrepreneur


  • 8.5 hours of courses on-demand
  • Articles and downloadable resources
  • Ideal for beginners

Price: $10.99

24. From China to Amazon – A LIVE Case Study and Complete Guide

It’s useless to deny it; most Amazon sellers source their products in China. As a novice, though, it could be hard to find reliable manufacturers or wholesalers. This course will reveal all you need to know to get started.

Speaker: Manuel Becvar, China Expert


  • A comprehensive guide on sourcing products from Alibaba
  • 6.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Downloadable sources and unlimited video to the course

Price: $10.99

25. How to Pick Profitable Products in 2 Hours

As its name suggests, this is a 2-hour course that will teach you how to pick profitable products time after time.

Speaker: Jordan Minh, professional FBA seller, and consultant


  • An actionable course designed to get you started in only two hours
  • Product research phases and examples
  • Downloadable resources

Price: $10.99

26. Sourcing Alibaba Supplier and Shipping to Amazon FBA

If you like real case studies of successful people, you’re going to love this course. It shows you how to find a reliable supplier on Alibaba and which are the steps to take your products from the supplier to the FBA warehouse.

Speaker: Jordan Minh, professional FBA seller, and consultant


  • Ideal for anyone who plans to source private label products
  • Case studies and real-life examples
  • Unlimited access to on-demand videos

Price: $10.99

27. 2019 Amazon SEO, Amazon Sales & Ads

Ranking on Amazon is a hard thing. This course aims to teach you the best Amazon SEO practices, sales, and advertising strategies used by the business coaches.

Speaker: Alex Genadinik, Business Coach


  • Case studies with real-life examples
  • Recommendation algorithms and Amazon ads
  • On-demand videos and downloadable resources

Price: $10.99

28. The Last Amazon FBA Course – 2019 Private Label Guide

This interesting 30-hour course will open you the world of Amazon FBA is you want to sell private label products. The course is geared to beginners, so you need no previous experience to complete it successfully.

Speaker: Brock Johnson, private label seller


  • Teaches everything from keyword research to find a supplier and selling
  • An extensive overview of potential pitfalls
  • The course is developed by a successful private label seller

Price: $10.99

29. Make A Bundle Selling Amazon Bundles

Everyone likes bundles; for a seller, they can mean instant profit. Learn how to select products to create profitable bundles from this interesting course.

Speaker: Cordelia Blake, E-Commerce Expert


  • Ideal for all sellers who want to raise their profit
  • Designed by an e-commerce expert
  • Quick 1.5-hour course

Price: $10.99

30. Sell Wholesale Products Using Amazon FBA

A course ideal for those who still have to learn FBA’s basics. You will learn how to make a profit from wholesale products from the comfort of your home.

Speaker: Larry Humphreys, Amazon FBA Instructor and Tim Godfrey, CEO of OnlineMarketingClassroom.com


  • Super-detailed yet brief 2-hour course
  • Valuable downloadable resources
  • Thorough explanations and real-life examples

Price: $10.99


Whether you’re just tackling the idea of getting started on Amazon or are already a seller in need of some help, the Amazon Seller University and its alternatives can help you boost your sales. All you have to do is to check out the resources above, pick your favorites, and start learning.

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