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Amazeowl Review: Good Tool for Amazon Product Research

Amazeowl Review

Product research is key to selling successfully on Amazon. One of the most promising apps you can use is Amazeowl. This is a rather new addition to the variety of tools on the market, but it has already gained multiple fans due to its simplicity.

We know that deciding which tools to buy is a hassle, that’s why we tested it for you. Read our Amazeowl review to see if it fits the bill.

1. What is Amazeowl?

Amazeowl is a product research tool that focuses primarily on private label product research. In a way, it is similar to the more popular JungleScout, but it’s definitely cheaper and much more flexible in its pricing plans.

The tool comes as a desktop app which you will have to download and install. This is one of the major drawbacks, as not all users are willing to trust this type of software.

An additional Chrome extension helps you validate your product research and lets you access your account from a browser. Yet, you will still have to install the desktop app to access all functions.

If you don’t mind installing software, you’ll be amazed by how easy to use this app is. It comes with three essential features highlighted below.

1. Hunt for Products

Hunt for Products 

Amazeowl consists of a sequence of features that work towards helping you find a profitable product. The first feature to use, therefore, is the Hunt for Products.

This feature gives you access to millions of products on 11 Amazon marketplaces. The app will give you the option to search by:

  • Keyword or ASIN
  • Bestseller
  • Product database

Select your desired option from the three, and you’ll gain in-app access to the Amazon page. Scroll through the products and save those that appeal to you. The product database is updated daily, and you’ll basically have access to virtually all products on Amazon, but you can only access it if you subscribed for a paid plan.

2. Track Product

Track Product

The app’s second feature is Track Product. It was developed to help you validate your product idea and move you one step closer to the product launch.

This feature comes with multiple tools. You will be able to perform keyword monitoring, new research, or access competitor and product reports. You can also add the products to your lists.

In this tab, the products are ranked from the best to the lowest rated, so you’ll get an accurate insight.

You will also be able to see how many reviews you need to complete to draw profit from your sales.

3. Product Database

Product Database

Lastly, there is the Product Database. This feature helps you stay ahead of your competition by performing continuous monitoring of the market while sourcing the products.

You’ll be able to check the price, product titles, keyword ideas, and also receive alerts for the saved items.

2. How to Use Amazeowl Chrome Extension?

Amazeowl’s Chrome extension has two purposes. One the one hand, it gives you access to the desktop app from a browser. You won’t be able to use the functions, but will be able to access your saved products if you want to track anything on the go.

On the other hand, it works more or less like the JungleScout Chrome extension when you’re browsing Amazon products. Here’s how to use it.

1. Search a keyword

Search a keyword

Open Amazon in your browser and type a keyword in the search bar. Amazeowl extension will open a pop-up window automatically that will show you the potential of the product.

If the product has good potential, click the green Marketing Analysis button.

2. Check the metrics

Amazeowl Chrome Extension

By clicking Marketing Analysis, the extension will open a new window where you can track the bestseller rating, number of reviews, monthly sales, price, and monthly revenue of all products tagged with your keyword.

If this window confirms that your product has potential, you can click on the Track This Keyword button on the top right-hand corner of the window.

3. Monitor your keyword

Amazeowl Chrome Extension

By clicking Track This Keyword, Amazeowl will take you to the Tracked Products tab in your web app, and will ask you to log into your desktop app for further tracking.

3. Amazeowl pricing

One of the best things about newly launched tools is their lower price compared to their more popular counterparts. Amazeowl is no exception. You can choose from various price plans, and even get a 10-day free trial to test the features if you want.

There are three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $0/m – It’s designed for beginners; it gives you access to 1 niche and 3 keywords, but you won’t be able to access the database nor benefit from customer support.
  • Growth: $9.99/m – Ideal for your first product launches. You’ll be able to track up to 10 niches and 10 keywords, and will get 50 product updates per month for the database.
  • Established: $15.99/m – It is great for established sellers. You’ll be able to track up to 300 niches and 50 keywords, and will get 200 product updates per month for the database.

Amazeowl Pros and Cons

It is easy to understand that Amazeowl comes with pros and cons, pretty much like anything else. Below, the main benefits and flaws to expect.


  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Easy to install desktop app and Chrome extension
  • Simple tools provide accurate data and help you validate your product idea
  • Possibility to save your searches
  • In-app access to Amazon’s database
  • Multiple pricing plans, including a free plan for first-time users


  • It doesn’t provide as much information as other similar tools
  • Some users may not want to install the desktop app
  • No customer support on the free plan

4. Conclusion

Amazeowl may not give you as much information as other similar apps, but it’s so easy to use and intuitive that it’s a great choice for beginners and sellers looking for a no-frills experience with their tools.

The desktop app and Chrome extension work in tandem to provide accurate data and help you validate your product idea – and the app does what it’s supposed to do surprisingly well.

A free trial and free subscription plan also give you the possibility to test before buying. We like a little less the desktop app idea and the fact that you get no support if you’re not willing to pay for a plan.

All in all, this tool is great; easy to use and accurate. We recommend to give it a try and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you can just cancel your subscription or never upgrade to a paid plan.

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